I’m New


I have never been to church, can I just walk in?

Yes. Our services begin at 10:45am or 6:00pm and there is someone at the door to welcome you. We won’t expect you to do anything within the service that you don’t want, just come along and take a look.


How long is the service?

It’s usually not much longer than an hour.

After the service you’re welcome to stay for tea or coffee and have a chat with other members of the congregation.


I’ve just moved here and I’m looking for a church to join. What’s your church like?

Our church is a mix of people of all ages who enjoy meeting together to worship God and learn from the Bible.  The teaching of the Bible takes a prominent place in our services as we believe that this is the main way in which God communicates with us.  Our singing of praise to God is led by our music group and we have a mix of new and contemporary songs, together with older hymns and choruses.  We hope to be a friendly and welcoming church.


What should I expect?

Our Pastor or other church member usually leads the service and lets the congregation know what is going to happen in the service.  We have a music group  who lead the singing, we read from the Bible, share church news, pray together and listen to God’s word (a sermon), usually given by our Pastor.

How can I find out what you believe?

Click on the link below to read what we believe.